Added Value

  • Proprietory and effective valuation software
  • At best 80% of corporate finance transactions involve valuations therefore potential savings exist by avoiding paying too much for acquisitions or selling a business for too little
  • Free preliminary advice on mergers and acquisitions, unbundlings and share buy-backs (opportunity cost for management)
  • Avoidance of potential fees to professionals for aborted transactions (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, MBO’s, unbundlings, etc.)
  • Market capitalisation increase: Strategic advice through Megaval optimum shareholder value route can be followed
  • Dedicated pro-active service on all aspects of corporate finance and investor relations
  • Our competitors average corporate finance transaction fee is 2 - 5 times more

Does your current financial adviser or JSE registered sponsor...

  • possess innovative, proprietary valuation software highly regarded by top financial institutions ?
  • increase the Shareholder Value Add of your company ?
  • add value to all your transactions ?
  • enjoy recognition at over 20 financial institutions ?
  • offer an average of 18 years corporate finance experience per director ?
  • show dedication to help you with all your corporate finance and investor relations needs ?
  • take responsibility and do the work themselves ?
  • provide an affordable service ?

Manhattan Equity...

  • is different
  • is affordable
  • has proprietory software
  • is passionate
  • is owner-managed
  • has credibility
  • deliver and service
  • is independent
  • has intellectual capital
  • has 90 years of combined experience
  • has a multi-skilled team
  • is experience in many sectors
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